Tasha Lehner, MA

Tasha Lehner, MA
Blog Writer, Researcher, Product Designer

Tasha received her M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services at Saint Mary’s University.
She has experience working with both children and families as a therapist. Tasha did her
internship at Christian Recovery Center and conducted play therapy utilizing the Bryon Norton
Experiential Model, led parenting groups for at-risk families, and specialized in addressing
mental health concerns rooted in trauma. She has co-authored a book entitled, Caleb’s Healing
Story: An interactive story with activities to help children overcome challenges arising from
trauma, attachment issues, adoption or fostering. She also has experience being on a research
team published in the Journal of Social Psychology. Tasha is the blog writer for Heart to Heart,
she will be designing products to use with child clients in counseling, and she will be conducting
research to better serve the needs of children and families seeking counseling.