Lilly Tolen MA

Lilly is passionate about youth development and recovery and is interested in specializing her career working with children, teenagers, and their families. She has experience as a residential intern working with teenagers overcoming complex issues of abuse, trauma, drug addiction, complex family dynamics, depression, and hopelessness.  Lilly has interned in the family-focused program at Washburn Center for Children. Lilly completed an internship at Heart to Heart, focusing on child trauma. Lilly is now part of the Heart to Heart Specialty Team, and she has completed training on Experiential Play Therapy, Theraplay, Trust Based Relational Intervention, The Gottman Method Approach to Transforming Relationships, and Trauma Counseling. Lilly completed Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate (PACC) through the PACC certification program. Lilly graduated from Bethel University with her Masters in Counseling.

Phone: 651-300-2292