09 Aug

Children with Trauma Histories by: Nancy Binford PhD Licensed Psychologist  Aug. 9, 2023

Children with trauma histories often know one well-rehearsed affective state: fear. It will be important to create, draw attention to, and ‘build up’ an internal reservoir of calm and soothing affective states, as well as a child’s ability to manage them. In the hierarchy of treatment planning, the top priority must be to help build self-awareness and self-regulation tools, as well as his capacity to manage his fears and negative affective states.

It would be helpful to provide your child with calming ‘brain breaks’ throughout the day at school. The following suggestions may be helpful:

Apps: Positive Penguins- The Worry Box- Bedtime Mediations for Kids- Breathe2Relax- Songza- Worry Watch- Nature Melody- Mindfulness for Children- MyCalmBeat- 

Breath work Biofeedback tools:- IOM2, www.unyte.com, click on Journey’s link- Calm Connect

 www.prio-health.com/calmconnect is another excellent tool to help reduce anxiety and reactivity.- 

Mightier https://www.mightier.com/

While watching any of the following videos on you tube, “Practice taking a long slow deep breath, in through your nose, hold it, now slowly blow out through your mouth...

Whole Body Regeneration | Full Body Healing | LET GO of Fear | Emotional & Physical Healing - 

YouTube Relaxing Music with Birds Singing - 

Beautiful Piano Music & Guitar Music by Soothing Relaxation - 

YouTube Let Your Thoughts Wander with Ocean Waves, Calm Piano Music and Beautiful Nature -YouTube

By: Nancy Binford PhD Licensed Psychologist Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Certified Family Trauma Professional

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